Computer Engineering

The goals and objectives of Computer Engineering are to train the next generation of computer engineers for scientific and technical skills needed for initial employment and a productive carrier in a rapidly changing environment.

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The goals and objectives of Computer Engineering are to train the next generation of computer engineers for scientific and technical skills needed for initial employment and a productive carrier in a rapidly changing environment.

To provide a thorough grounding in mathematics and science as a foundation for an understanding of computer science,engineering, and many of the technical applications to which computers and applied.

To provide a common core knowledge of the principal computer science (theory, algorithms, data structures, software design, concepts of programming languages and computer architecture) and an understanding of the fundamentals of one engineering or computer application discipline.

The ability to formulate and solve computer science and engineering problems, including design and analysis, conduction measurement, and evaluating trade-offs of functionality and cost.

Outstanding skills in programming and a good engineering practices of software development, and The ability to use modern design and analysis tools for implementing and evaluating hardware, software and engineering designs.


Some of the important facilities in the laboratories

  • LAN with 5.1 Novel Netware OS on I.B.M.Pentium server and 15 No. of I.B.M.nodes.
  • Quality of Faculty.
  • Sco-Unix – 5/windows server2003 OS on Pentium server and 15 No. of Pentiums as client.
  • Window NT 4.0 Network present in project lab. With 22 Pentiums with Multimedia.
  • S/W like MSOFFICE, Turbo C, Turbo C++, Visual C++ 5.0, VC++ C, Visual basic 5.0, 6.0, Windows 95, Windows 98, Oracle 7.0 D2K.
  • The department of Computer Engg. always avails latest software.

The Computer Department has necessary expertise and undertakes the following consultancy works

  • Database Management System.
  • Geographical Information System.
  • AI and Expert System.
  • Microprocessor based applications.
  • Socket Programming for Capturing Packets.
  • Designing a Proxy server.

Computer Training Programs

The Department is regularly conducting Computer Training Programs for the Staff of Colleges of Amruta vaishnavi Education and welfare trust’s etc.

Students Association

The department has Computer Engineering Students Association (CESA) through which students are trained in extra curricular activities like personality development, paper presentation, debate and quiz, software development etc.

  • High speed Internet connectivity through VSAT(256 Kbps).
  • Optical fibre Intranet connectivity among all the departments and sister concerns(1000 Gbps Backbone Switch).
  • Instrumental in developing a cluster of Internet facilities for villages around Agaskhind complex.

Department Labs

The department has following advanced & modernized laboratories

  • Project Lab.
  • Computer Design Lab.
  • Programming Lab.
  • Hardware Lab.
  • Computer Centre.
  • Computer Graphic.
  • Microprocessor Interfacing Lab.
  • Digital Electronic Lab.
  • Signal Processing Lab.

Name : Mrs. Chaitra Patki.

Qualification : M.E.

Experience :

“Computer Engineering”

The Computer Engineering is a continuously evolving field. The rapid developments in software and hardware have engulfed the world in a wave of computerization/ automation of all possible disciplines, organizations, and industry, and hence the need for skilled computer professionals within the country and abroad. The Computer Engineering department at Shatabdi Institute of Engineering & Research has a faculty comprising of M. Tech.s. The department offers B. E. courses in Computer Engineering.

Teaching is central to the department. It encourages research by way of sponsoring the faculty member to conferences to present papers. With the right mix of creative talents, use of innovative technologies and strong relationships with various industries, the department delivers quality methods of teaching that help students enhance their knowledge, understand the importance of being leaders in the area of their interest and provide them with an unbeatable edge to success in today’s demanding work place and global market. The frantic efforts made in this direction never go in vain. As a result our students to achieve their target of entering into big business houses or heading for esteemed Institutions in the country and to the foreign shores for higher studies.

I ardently admire the Faculty and Supportive Staff who have worked in an exemplary team spirit to enable the department to grow from strength to strength and hope they will continue with the same zeal in future too.

H.O.D Desk,

Mrs. Chaitra Patki.

Computer Center Lab

Name Of Laboratory : Computer center lab        

 Laboratory Area : 185

Name Of Lab. Incharge : Mr. Sangle H.S.

Name Of Lab. Asst. : Mr Daware A.D.

List Of Major Equipments

Sr. No.Major Equipments
1.Dual Core Duo Desktop
2.UPS (I Ball 600va)
3.UPS 5.0 KVA Numeric with 32 Batteries
4.DVD Writer
5.USB DVD Writer
Computer Graphics Lab

Name Of Laboratory : Computer Graphics Lab

Laboratory Area :

 Name Of Lab. Incharge : Miss.Salve.V.P

Name Of Lab. Asst. : Miss.Mojad.V.S

List Of Major Equipments

Sr. No.Major Equipments
3.Dot Matrix Printer(LX)
4.Dot Matrix Printer(LQ)
5.D Link 24 Port Switch
6Dvd Writer

Name Of Laboratory : MMC

 Laboratory Area : 77.26

 Name Of Lab. Incharge : Mr. Pansare R.B.

 Name Of Lab. Asst : Mr. Kulkarni P.R., Mr. Waghmare S.V.

List Of Major Equipments

Sr. No.Major Equipments
2.Dot Matrix Printer
3.D-link 24 Port Switch
4.0800 DAC, ADC I/F
5.8253/8254 I/F
6.8251 I/F
7.8279 I/F
8.8259 I/F
9.8086 LCD Version
10.89V51R2- based dev.board
11.Stepper MotorI/F Kit
Programing lab

Name Of Laboratory  : Programing lab

Laboratory Area : 92.80

Name Of Lab. Incharge : Prof A.A.Sali

Name Of Lab. Asst. : Mrs P.D.Birari

List Of Major Equipments

Sr. No.Major Equipments
3.Dot Matrix Printer(LX)
4.Dot Matrix Printer(LQ)
5.DVD Writer
6.D Link 24 Port Switch
Project Lab

Name Of Laboratory : Project Lab 

Laboratory Area : 66.26

Name Of Lab. Incharge : Prof. S. G. Chordiya

Name Of Lab. Asst. : R. K. Bhosale

List Of Major Equipments

Sr. No.Major Equipments
1.Lenovo Computer 20
Software lab

Name Of Laboratory  : Software lab

 Laboratory Area : 77.26

Name Of Lab. Incharge : Prof P.S.Badgujar

 Name Of Lab. Asst. : Mrs A.P.Godse.

List Of Major Equipments

Sr. No.Major Equipments


Dual core duo Desktop


D-Link 24 Port Switch

Time Table

Shatabdi Mahotsav 14

Date : 19-02-2014

Description : Shatabdi mahotsav 14

ACE Week (27th Jan to 1st Feb 2014)

Date : 27-01-2014

Description : Ace Week


Date : 14-01-2013

Description : “Core Java Workshop for TE & BE students from 14th Jan 2013 to 18th Jan 2013”, By LogicBit System,Pune.

This will be updated soon..

Teaching Faculty

Mrs. Chaitra Niraj Patki

Mrs. Chaitra Niraj Patki

HOD – M.E.

Department :Computer DepartmentDesignation : HOD

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